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            ABOUT LIZUAN
            Since its establishment in 2009, Lizuan Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the development and production of cemented carbide tools, PCD superhard tools and natural diamond tools. The company introduces advanced CNC five-axis linkage equipment from Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, uses raw materials imported from Germany and the United States, and has a group of senior professional tool teams. After more than ten years of rapid development, the company has been The 3C industry provides high-quality non-standard tools and commonly used standard tools.
            The company adheres to the quality policy of quality first, professional service, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement, and continuously improves customer service, product development and production efficiency, provides better products and services to the industry, and achieves the goal of common development with customers.

            Technology and equipment:

            The company has introduced a complete set of top-level processing tool equipment from Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and other places, which can fully meet the customers' highest requirements for high-precision and complex processing products and parts. It adopts mechanical automatic loading and unloading and sample processing centers to provide more High-quality, efficient and stable cutting tools.

            Delivery management:

            The power drill technology team has always adhered to the fastest customer needs, the shortest delivery time, the fastest speed, and the first time to deliver to customers, so as to create more efficient value for customers.

            Quality Assurance:

            Strict production management process, professional team's tool design philosophy, and ISO quality certification system ensure that every tool delivered to customers can achieve perfect value.

            professional service:

            Technical marketing, technical support and customer project interaction will optimize the tool design and use according to customer processing needs, improve customer production efficiency and cost reduction.

            Update and faster information, real-time attention

            Lizuan Technology Co., Ltd. won the most popular exhibition at DMP Greater Bay Area Industr

            Lizuan Technology Co., Ltd. won the most popular exhibition at DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo

            DMP Greater Bay Area Industry Fair

            Lizuan Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo

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